• Dott07 Festival. 16-28 October 2007, Baltic Square, Newcastle Gateshead.
  • Intersections 07 Conference. 25-26 Oct 2007. Baltic Centre, Newcastle, UK.
  • ISDN 3. 2-3 April 2008. Northumbria University School of Design.
  • Methodbank: Invited Membership by Design Council.
  • Service Design and Innovation Lecture, with David Townson. 2007. Duncan of Jordanstone University, Dundee.
  • Service Design Lecture, with Anab Jain. April 2007. Duncan of Jordanstone University, Dundee.
  • Service Design Conference. 24-26 November 2008. Amsterdam, Holland.


  • Nina Belk. (2007). User Experience Consultant and Founder of Zest Innovation. 28th Aug.
  • Gus Colvin. (2007). Postman. Interview. Dundee. May.
  • Kevin Hilton. (2007). Head of Service Design MA Course. Interview by email, 5th Nov.
  • Bill Hollins. (2007). Service Design Management Specialist. Interview by telephone, 22nd Aug.
  • Nico Macdonald. (2007). Writer on design and innovation. Interview by telephone, 7th Sep.
  • Stefan Moritz. (2007). Service Designer. Interview by telephone, 30th Aug.
  • Sophie Parker. (2007). Public Sector Design specialist. Email correspondence, 1st Aug.
  • Lauren Tan. (2007). Service Design PhD student. Email correspondence, 13th Nov.
  • John Thackara. (2007). Interview at The Baltic Centre, Newcastle. 27th Oct.
  • Hayes Raffle. (2008). Interaction Designer.Email correspondence. 23rd Feb.
  • Member of Royal Mail Innovation team (2008). Email correspondence. 18th Jan.
  • Researcher at BBC’s The One Show. (2007). Email correspondence. 10th Nov.
  • Gail Inglis. (2008). Archivist. Email correspondence. 19th Feb.
  • Glynn McCaig. (2008). Banking Business Manager. Interview. 5th March.
  • David Bannerman. (2008). Historian. Email correspondence. 22nd April.
  • Jonathan Baldwin. (2008). Design writer. Interview. 13th May.
  • Gill Wildman. (2008). Consultant at Plot. Workshop. 4th April.



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